ECA Learning Hub facilitated online Communities of Practice

ECA Learning Hub is excited to launch a collection of online ‘Communities of Practice’.

Our Communities of Practice are online learning communities where members will have the opportunity to learn with and from each other. By exploring new ideas, sharing resources and lived experiences you will become part of a vibrant learning community.

You will also engage with specially selected professional learning materials, chosen to expand thinking and create conversation about pedagogy and practice. This might include:

  • reading and articles
  • vignettes
  • online learning resources
  • participating in live and recorded collaborative online events.

Register below for current Communities of Practice


Community of Practice: Technology in Early Childhood: tantalising, terrible, tenacious or terrific

Price $176.50—240
Facilitated by Dr Kate Highfield, this community of practice will explore technology use in birth to five settings – drawing on the ECA statement, discussions with international experts and current research. The community allows educators to explore all aspects of technology - from terrible to terrific; to share experiences and develop new skills in using a range of technologies in their setting.

STEM and STEAM; science, technology, engineering and mathematics meet the arts in playful and play-based contexts

Price $138—240
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in early childhood appears to a polarising topic – we either love it or loathe it. This community of practice explores STEM (and STEAM, the integration of the Arts in STEM) with a focus on playful and play based settings.