Leadership and Management

Anti-Bias approaches in early childhood_Red Ruby Scarlet 

Anti-Bias approaches in early childhood

Price $38.50
In this webinar, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet addresses key critical questions about embedding anti-bias approaches in everyday practice.
Anne Stonehouse and Michelle Gujer webinar 

Let’s Talk: Creating a culture of learning—places of teaching and learning for everyone

Price $38.50
Anne Stonehouse AM and Michelle Gujer explore the methods in which educators can create a thriving culture of learning within their settings to support good practice and provide best outcomes for children.
Webinar_Making quality visible 

Making quality visible

Price $38.50
This webinar explores how each service’s unique philosophy and context can develop to a rich and unique approach to quality, drawing on the strengths of the cultural and community context of the centre.
Changes to National Quality Framework webinar 

Changes to the National Quality Framework

ACECQA’s Rhonda Livingstone presents an overview of key changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF), to be introduced from 1 October 2017.

Acting Ethically: exploring the ECA Code of Ethics

Price $38.50
Choosing to act ethically is a defining feature of being an early childhood professional. It is the complex process of choosing between many right ways – there are often no simple or easy answers. This on-demand webinar will introduce the ECA Code of Ethics and discuss how educators might use the Code to support their everyday decision making.

Working with the ECA Code of Ethics

Price $38.50
This module extends upon the revised ECA Code of Ethics and examines what it means to be ethical and how early childhood educators can use the Code of Ethics to strengthen relationships with children, families, colleagues, societies and the profession.

Education for Sustainability

Price $38.50
What does sustainability really mean, and how can educators build sustainability within early childhood education and care services in meaningful ways?

The Role of Certified Supervisor

Price $19.80
This module has been developed to provide a clear guide to the role of the certified supervisor and the responsibilities of an educator taking on this position.

Building leaders in early childhood services

Price $25.00
Do you know any good leaders in the early childhood sector? How do we create more of them? And how do you build leadership in yourself? Find out in this webinar, presented by Lisa Palethorpe.

Putting Children’s Rights into Action

Price $25.00
This webinar will inspire you to find innovative ways to support children’s rights in early learning settings and provide the chance to share creative ideas and discussion.