Programming and Pedagogy


Understanding Behaviour: Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Price $38.50
This module has been developed to provide early childhood educators with an opportunity to consider why children on the autism spectrum may display challenging behaviour and how best to support them.
Module_Supporting language development 

Supporting language development in the early years

Price $38.50
This module explores current theories of language learning and provides practical examples of ways educators can support young children’s language development.
Anne Stonehouse and Michelle Gujer webinar 

Let’s Talk: Creating a culture of learning—places of teaching and learning for everyone

Price $38.50
Anne Stonehouse AM and Michelle Gujer explore the methods in which educators can create a thriving culture of learning within their settings to support good practice and provide best outcomes for children.

Routines and transitions: Embracing opportunities for learning

Price $38.50
This module will introduce you to ways of seeing and using routines and transitions to highlight their enormous potential for learning and enrichment.
Webinar_Making quality visible 

Making quality visible

Price $38.50
This webinar explores how each service’s unique philosophy and context can develop to a rich and unique approach to quality, drawing on the strengths of the cultural and community context of the centre.

Start Early

Price $38.50
The three Start Early modules look at developing Respectful Relations, explore issues around Gender, Respect and Identity, and encourage Father Inclusive Practice. Start Early aims to help educators explore how everyday behaviours and attitudes shape a child’s lifelong relationships.

Partnerships with Families for Inclusive Practice

Price $38.50
This module explores how partnerships with families and caregivers underpin young children’s inclusion, learning and development, and explores the benefits of partnerships to enable inclusion.
Changes to National Quality Framework webinar 

Changes to the National Quality Framework

ACECQA’s Rhonda Livingstone presents an overview of key changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF), to be introduced from 1 October 2017.
A smiling boy sits in front of an Aboriginal artwork 

Understanding and making art: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in early childhood settings

Price $38.50
Explore ways educators and young children can approach art appreciation and art-making inspired by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, and inspire children to create and think critically about art and the art-making process
Creating effective early learning environments-webinar 

A good place to be a child: Creating Effective Early Learning Environments

Price $38.50
This webinar examines what makes a successful learning environment, how this can capture the image of childhood and how educators can create spaces that shape the behaviour of children and adults.