Programming and Pedagogy


Supporting children’s imaginative play: pitfalls and possibilities

Price $25.00
This one-hour webinar recording, presented by Associate Professors Bev Flückiger (Griffith University) and Julie Dunn (Griffith University), is designed to provide participants with new ways of thinking about and supporting young children’s imaginative play.

Visual Art and Creativity In Your Curriculum

Price $38.50
This module will help you to create an early childhood curriculum that celebrates and supports the visual arts and creativity, including the tools - and attitudes - that educators need to achieve this. It features footage of art experiences and video interviews with educators.

Maths is Everywhere

Price $38.50
In this module, we explore how educators can support children's maths and numeracy learning in day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs. We look at intentional teaching and child-led learning, and highlight the importance of educators modelling how to think and talk mathematically.

Supporting Children’s Self-regulation Ages 3-5 years

Price $38.50
In this module, we focus on how to help children learn to manage their own attention, emotion, thinking, and behaviour. Self-regulation develops rapidly in the early years, through experiences and relationships that shape brain development. What can you do to support children to develop these critical skills?

The Inclusion Series: Meaningful Participation in ECEC

Price $35.00
Developed in collaboration with Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW), the Inclusion Series is about the participation of all children in early childhood services.

Music and learning for the young child

Price $25.00
This webinar provides support for both new and experienced teachers in ways that we can use music as a learning tool.

Supporting transition to school for children with additional needs

Price $25.00
The transition from early childhood education to school is a unique process for each child and each family. This is equally true for children with disabilities and developmental delays. How can educators and early years teachers best support these children and families to make successful transitions to school?

Making Curriculum Decisions: Exploring the Planning Process

Price $25.00
This webinar provides support and advice on how services can design plans that articulate our curriculum and communicate our practice and pedagogy decisions.

Supporting Child-led Inquiry

Price $38.50
This module explores practices of child-led inquiry, and reinforces the importance of awe and wonder in sustaining a love of learning. It features a powerful interview with US early childhood expert Ann Pelo, and real-life insights from Australian educators.

Being an Intentional Educator

Price $25.00
Presented by renowned early childhood expert Dr Anne Kennedy, this webinar will support you to deepen your understanding of what we mean by intentionality and intentional teaching, and the implications for your work as an educator.