Disappearing childhood—what is the role of media and marketing



Lesley-Anne Ey
Dr Lesley-Anne Ey (PhD, BECE Hons, Dip CS) is a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia; Education, Arts and Human Sciences Division. She lectures in educational psychology, social and emotional development and child protection. Her research area explores the influence of media on children’s learning and development with a heavy focus on sexualised...
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In recent years, Dr Lesley-Anne Ey argues, media has become more adultified. It is hard to avoid the widespread use of stereotypes and ‘sexiness’ to sell products and ideas. Being ‘sexy’ is increasingly promoted and valued across our culture. The degree to which this has filtered into media that children intentionally and unintentionally consume is of some concern.  Media and marketing play a significant role in shaping and normalising sexualised presentation. This webinar explores how media is contributing to children’s developing self-identity, attitudes and behaviours.

This webinar has been produced in partnership with the Australian Council of Children and the Media.