Using Technology to genuinely enhance learning in the early years


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Joanne Orlando
Dr Joanne Orlando is a leading expert in the field of children and technology. In particular, her work focuses on the teaching, learning and social effects of children's uses of technology. Joanne examines this focus across all ages (early childhood, primary, high school and young adults) at school, in the home and social spaces.


As with any pedagogical resource, it is of key importance to identify which uses of technology can genuinely enhance children’s opportunity for learning in the short term, as well as the overall ways they approach learning.

This webinar is for educators who aim to take a balanced approach to integrating technology into the curriculum. Key to this is considering how technology use fits in with early childhood principles, as well as with one’s own understanding of the process of learning. In particular we will explore: how to use technology to enhance established learning experiences; how to stimulate new play on and off screen; and how to genuinely provide more learning opportunities in the early years.