A good place to be a child: Creating Effective Early Learning Environments


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Luke Touhill
Luke Touhill has worked in early childhood education for over twenty years – as a teacher, director, manager, trainer and lecturer.


Architect Christopher Day said, ‘An underlying requirement of any building for small children is that it is as magical and full of reverent wonder as an ancient fairy tale.’

The physical environment is a key factor underpinning good practice and how it is organised can shape children’s behaviour as learners – often known as the ‘third teacher’. A carefully thought out and well organised environment is an important and can offer a range of enchanting learning experiences for children and adults alike.

Join Luke Touhill as he presents this new webinar on creating effective early learning environments. Examine what makes a successful learning environment, how this can capture the image of childhood and how educators can create spaces that shape the behaviour of children and adults.

This highly-practical webinar examines:

  • the thinking that goes on behind the environments we provide
  • how the environment we provide for children reflects and supports our image of the child
  • the ways in which the physical environment shapes the behaviour of children and adults

This webinar is suitable for educators at all stages of their careers.

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