Making quality visible



Sarah Louise Gandolfo
Sarah Louise Gandolfo is a Melbourne based early childhood teacher currently working toward a Master of Educational Leadership.


What is quality – and what is the educator’s role in quality? This webinar thinks critically about quality in early childhood education and care and explores how to develop, lead and maintain quality and share this with children, families and educators. Presenter Sarah Louise Gandolfo explores how each service’s unique philosophy and context can develop to a rich and unique approach to quality, drawing on the strengths of the cultural and community context of the centre.

This webinar examines:

  • Practical ideas for improving and maintaining quality within your service
  • What quality looks like within a service’s unique context with reference to the National Quality Framework
  • Ways of developing quality within a team, and communicating quality with parents, caregivers and the wider community.

This webinar runs for 30 minutes.

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