Maths is Everywhere



Jenni Connor
Jenni Connor undertakes research and writing into learning, curriculum and educational issues generally. She was author of the 2011 NQS PLP e-Newsletters and responsible for coordinating the 2012 and 2013 series.


In this module, we explore how educators can support children’s maths and numeracy learning in day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs. We look at intentional teaching and child-led learning, and highlight the importance of educators modelling how to think and talk mathematically.

Suitable for educators at all stages of their professional development.

The module will provide you with an understanding of:

  • how to use maths and numeracy concepts in day-to-day practice with children
  • planning for mathematical learning
  • the role of children in planning the program, and
  • different learning environments for maths and numeracy.

This module will take an estimated 60 minutes to complete.


Watch the trailer for Maths is everywhere below.