Supporting children’s imaginative play: pitfalls and possibilities


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Bev Flückiger
Associate Professor Bev Flückiger (School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University) is an experienced early childhood educator and school leader.
Julie Dunn
Associate Professor Julie Dunn is based at the School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University, Brisbane.


This one-hour webinar recording, presented by Associate Professors Bev Flückiger (Griffith University) and Julie Dunn (Griffith University), is designed to provide participants with new ways of thinking about and supporting young children’s imaginative play. This support can occur before, during or after play, but in each case, adults need to have an understanding of their impact.
To develop this understanding of the educator’s impact, two key questions are addressed: How do you support, extend and nurture children’s play skills without dominating or redirecting? And how do you avoid the pitfalls while making way for rich new possibilities?