The Role of Certified Supervisor


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National Quality Standard
QA4Staffing arrangements
QA5Relationships with children
QA7Leadership and service management


Catherine Matthews
Catherine Matthews works as the Manager (Early Learning National Quality and Policy Advisor) at Mission Australia Early Learning.


This module has been developed to provide a clear guide to the role of the certified supervisor and the responsibilities of an educator taking on this position.

The module features:

  • Information drawn from the National Law and Regulations
  • Interactive learning
  • Reflective questions
  • ECA’s guide to Developing your own certified supervisor agreement.

The module will explain clearly:

  • The role of the certified supervisor
  • The meaning of being in ‘day-to-day charge’ of the service
  • How to select an appropriate certified supervisor
  • How to document your decision-making process.

Once you’ve finished the module, you’ll be able to download and save:

  • your answers to the reflective questions
  • ECA’s guide to Developing your own certified supervisor agreement
  • a certificate of completion.

Suitable for early childhood education and care workers at all stages of their careers. This module will take an estimated one hour to complete.