Welcome to Digichild – the Live Wires technology blog!

I am thrilled to be the editor of the new Live Wires platform and to welcome you as it launches on the ECA Learning Hub. This is a new and exciting phase for Live Wires offering ‘Live Wires’ themed modules and webinars, tips and extra resources, plus a new home for ECA’s young children and technology blog, Digichild.

Here we hope you will find something to intrigue, spark your interest, settle a question or start you on a new direction whether you are a researcher, educator, carer or part of family with young children (or all of the above!). Opinions and research can vary, media messages can be alarming or confusing, but where young children and digital technology are concerned one thing is clear: everyone would like more information, research and guidance about good practices, quality resources and healthy, balanced behaviours.

ILet’s use the Digichild blog to stay posted about the conversation and showcase different ideas. When we engage with young children, it isn’t the app, the device, the website or the tool that matters most—it’s how we use it.

Dr Kate Highfield
Editor, Live Wires

Contribute to Digichild: If you are an early childhood educator, carer, researcher or educational leader and have a great technology story to share write to Digichild. We can’t promise to publish everything but we will read your submissions on education, early learning, early childhood educators, young children and digital technology and parenting in the technology age.