Live Wires Webinars

The Learning Hub offers on-demand studio-quality webinars, presented by a range of experts in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector and beyond. Perfect for individual or group learning, each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. All Live Wires webinars are themed on digital technology use in the early years. Featured webinars include ‘Practically STEM’ with Anita L’Enfant and ‘Doing IT—Practical tech advice for children’s learning & development’ with Daniel Donahoo.


Webinar_Lydia Plowman 

Seven myths about young children and digital technology: Where we are in 2017

Price $38.50
Professor Lydia Plowman addresses the myths and the realities of technology usage by young children, both within an early childhood setting and the home. This webinar is a recording of the International Keynote Address from the 2017 Live Wires Forum.
Webinar_Spatial reasoning_STEM 

Spatial reasoning and STEM for early years

Price $38.50
Spatial reasoning – the ability to mentally manipulate information about objects and the environment in which we live. Join Dr Kym Simoncini as she takes on spatial learning to the floor of an early childhood education and care service.

Practically STEM

Price $38.50
STEM, or STE(A)M, initiatives are a global focus in all education sectors at the moment, but what does STEM really mean in the Early Years? Join Anita L’Enfant for a practical look at STEM in your centre.

Doing IT: Practical tech advice for children’s learning and development

Price $25.00
Daniel Donahoo presents a compelling, story-driven address that aims to have us thinking critically and purposefully about the role of technology in the lives of young children.

Rethinking screen time for the digital age

Price $25.00
Dr Chip Donohue is an international thought leader on early childhood development and integrated, quality educational practices in early childhood. If you missed his informative and insightful keynote address at the 2016 ECA National Conference on the challenges educators and families face in the digital age, catch up with this webcast.

Using Technology to genuinely enhance learning in the early years

Price $25.00
Young children are prolific users of technology; however there is uncertainty about how to use these resources in ways that reflect the philosophy of early childhood education. This webinar explains how we can use technology to enhance established learning experiences; to stimulate new play on and off screen; and to genuinely provide more learning opportunities in the early years.