The ECA Learning Hub offers interactive online learning modules that include video and written resources to help educators gain a thorough and practical understanding of standards, frameworks and research about quality practice, including the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS).

Hosted on a professional Learning Management System, we blend proven learning principles and methodologies with eLearning best practice and interactivity in order to create effective online training solutions. Our courses are designed to put the learner in control of their own training, facilitating the best outcome for users of all learning styles. We aim to create eLearning modules that guarantee usability, design and most importantly, learner outcomes.

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Maths is Everywhere

Price $38.50
In this module, we explore how educators can support children's maths and numeracy learning in day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs. We look at intentional teaching and child-led learning, and highlight the importance of educators modelling how to think and talk mathematically.

Early Childhood Nutrition

Price $29.70
This module will help you to understand how to provide good nutrition for young children, and how to teach children about good food choices. It includes detailed information about the key elements of a healthy diet, and the types of food that are particularly important for young growing bodies. It also provides suggestions on how to educate children about healthy food choices.

Supporting Children’s Self-regulation Ages 3-5 years

Price $38.50
In this module, we focus on how to help children learn to manage their own attention, emotion, thinking, and behaviour. Self-regulation develops rapidly in the early years, through experiences and relationships that shape brain development. What can you do to support children to develop these critical skills?

Reconciliation in Action Part 1

Price $38.50
This module provides an overview of Australia's Indigenous history and contemporary society.

Partnerships with Families

Price $38.50
This module has been developed to help educators build and strengthen partnerships with families on an ongoing basis, taking into account different circumstances and settings.

Reconciliation in action part 2

Price $38.50
This module supports educators to learn and teach about Indigenous culture and Reconciliation with children.