Other Resources

The Learning Hub offer a number of free and paid resources to complement our online learning that educators may find interesting and applicable to their practice. These resources include specialised resources developed by ECA, resources developed with partner organisations, and recommended resources developed by third parties.


start early 

Start Early

Price $38.50
Start Early is temporarily offline. It will return as a special package: buy Module 1, get 2 & 3 free. Supports educators to explore how everyday behaviours and attitudes shape a child’s lifelong relationships.

Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings

Price $99.00
If you would like to update your skills and gain greater confidence in managing young children’s behaviour and emotions, Dr. Kaylene Henderson's collection of online modules, Raising Good Kids, is for you.

AEDC Resources

Early Childhood Australia has worked with the Queensland Government,Department of Education and Training to develop a suite of free Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) resources to support the critical work of the early childhood sector and their communities in providing the best developmental opportunities for children.

Flexibility Practices and Patterns

Early Childhood Australia conducted research on flexible practices and patterns across the early childhood sector, funded in partnership through the Commonwealth Government’s Child Care Flexibility Fund. The purpose of the project was to identify innovative flexible practices being delivered by the early childhood sector, examine how flexible services operate and function and identify barriers restricting current operators being able to increase flexibility for families. The project will also assist the sector to learn from the implementation of flexible practices at other services.

How to advocate as an early childhood professional

Early childhood professionals have an ethical obligation to promote shared aspirations amongst communities in order to enhance children’s health and wellbeing, advocate for the development and implementation of laws and policies that promote child-friendly communities, and to utilise knowledge and research to advocate for universal access to a range of high-quality early childhood programs for all children.

Thinking Together, Series One (Episodes 1-4)

Price $27.50
Our Thinking together video series brings the early childhood experts to you: Kristie Brandt, Ann Pelo, Julie Davis and Joseph Sparling. Watch each video interview then work through our list of reflective questions, designed to stimulate shared thinking and discussion. Each video runs for 9-16 minutes and is accompanied by a set of detailed questions, developed by early childhood expert Jenni Connor, about how the concepts and examples might be meaningful in your setting.