Webinars are online seminars. The ECA Learning Hub offers on-demand studio-quality webinars, presented by a range of experts in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. Perfect for group training, each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. Pause, rewind, make notes and discuss, our interactive platform allows you to take control of your professional development.

When you complete a webinar, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

All on-demand webinars are included as a part of an ECA Learning Hub Annual Subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase webinars individually below.

The ECA Learning Hub also offers recordings of all previously live webinars held between 2014 and 2016. These webinars are offered at a lower price than the on-demand webinars, and are only available for individual purchase through the Learning Hub website.



Screen time and young children – what are the issues?

Price $25.00
This webinar provides an overview of the current understanding of the physical and mental health and development issues associated with screen use by children. The focus is on the physical implications of television, electronic games, desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers and smartphone use. Practical tips on wise ways to use screens will be provided.

Having fun with maths and numeracy in early childhood settings

Price $25.00
In this webinar, Jenni Connor explores practical ways of building children’s maths and numeracy understandings through play-based programs. It informs educational leaders about how to guide staff in creating environments for learning numeracy and responding to children’s play in intentional ways.

Supporting children’s imaginative play: pitfalls and possibilities

Price $25.00
This one-hour webinar recording, presented by Associate Professors Bev Flückiger (Griffith University) and Julie Dunn (Griffith University), is designed to provide participants with new ways of thinking about and supporting young children’s imaginative play.

The Inclusion Series: Meaningful Participation in ECEC

Price $35.00
Developed in collaboration with Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW), the Inclusion Series is about the participation of all children in early childhood services.

Music and learning for the young child

Price $25.00
This webinar provides support for both new and experienced teachers in ways that we can use music as a learning tool.

Supporting transition to school for children with additional needs

Price $25.00
The transition from early childhood education to school is a unique process for each child and each family. This is equally true for children with disabilities and developmental delays. How can educators and early years teachers best support these children and families to make successful transitions to school?