31 July 2018 Bulletin


Bulletin – 31 July 2018

Agency and consent—they’re two loaded words that can open up important and complex conversations with children, families and colleagues. This issue of the ECA Learning Hub Bulletin explores these two important words, as well as information about new professional learning coming soon to the ECA Learning Hub.

Coming soon: Music in early childhood
Written by Dr Amanda Niland, this vibrant and highly practical module examines the fundamentals of music and ‘musicking’ with babies and children. Featuring interviews with musicians, early childhood educators and allied health professionals, this module will be available within ECA Learning Hub subscriptions and for individual purchase in the coming weeks!







Working with clay: An insight into children as competent learners 
‘Oh you’re working with clay, with the babies?’

When Hanna Daniel introduced clay to her programming in the babies’ room, it opened up a conversation with families about children’s agency, creativity and learning. Watch the video below (it will open in a new window).

This snippet comes from the new online learning package, Encountering and interpreting the principles of Reggio Emilia, available for purchase on the ECA Learning Hub.

New article on The Spoke: Children’s agency, images and consent
We consent to and ask permission about many things every day, yet consent remains controversial. Deanne Carson explores consent and children’s agency, why it’s important and how we can facilitate constructive discussions about consent with children and adults. Read more here.

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