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Bulletin 20 June 2016




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20 June 2016

With less than two weeks before the end of financial year, we thought
we’d check in to make sure everyone is on track. To help you out, we’ve
made a checklist of what you may need to do before June 30:

·        Renew your Learning Hub Annual Subscription by emailing
or calling 1800 356 900

·        Visit our new website to see all our new webinarsmodules and resources, perfect to spend any left-over LDC PLP funds on

·        Make time to attend our new webinar presented by the wonderful Wendy Shepherd

·        Pat yourself on the back for a year well done!

It just so happens that we can help you with three of those four
things. Read on to discover how!




Renew your Learning Hub Subscription today!

The end of financial year is just around the corner. Have you renewed
your Learning Hub Annual Subscription, yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry,
it’s not too late! Click
here to email us
, or call Early Childhood Australia on 1800 356 900 to discuss your
subscription options today.

If your service has between two and ten educators, then we have some
good news! Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a new subscription
package with a price tailored specifically for those services with less
than 10 educators. Call us today to discuss signing your team up to our
new subscription package. 

For subscription pricing options, please click
here to view our package deals




New webinar: What does play have to do with family and domestic violence?

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar, What does play have to do with domestic and family violence?
presented by Wendy Shepherd.

When: Tuesday 28th June, 2pm (AEST)

Where: Online – anywhere you’d like!

Cost: $38.50

We support children to manage relationships and conflicts every day.
When we engage with children during these moments or events we can help
embed respectful attitudes towards others, laying the foundations for
future relationship building.

This webinar discusses how educators can intervene and critically
reflect with children about their behaviour. It also looks at how to
discuss ethics, empathy and respect with young children.

Click here to register now for this not-to-be-missed webinar.




A new Learning Hub website

Have you seen our new Learning Hub website? Not only does it look amazing, but we’ve also improved its functionality. Find exactly what you want more easily and quickly than ever before. You can learn more about our presenters,catch-up on bulletins you may have missed, and access other resources we provide.

Visit the new Learning Hub website today by clicking here.






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