Established in 2014, the ECA Learning Hub is well regarded for producing high-quality online professional learning. We engage topic experts from the early childhood sector to translate research and identify best practice to develop professional learning that ‘speaks the language of educators and teachers’ and can be used across the diversity of settings educators may be working in. 

The ECA Learning Hub is designed to help educators gain a thorough and practical understanding of standards, frameworks and research about quality practice. It is also designed to be accessible, affordable and contemporary to ensure quality professional learning is available, no matter where and when it is needed. A library of over 90 self-paced modules, interactive webcasts and on-demand webinars across a breadth of topics ranging from pedagogy, WH&S, planning and leadership are available on the hub. 


Our online learning modules give you the latest information and advice at a time that suits you. Text, videos and interactive activities offer a practical understanding of quality practice in early childhood and school-aged settings.


Our webinars are on-demand studio-quality online seminars.  The webinars explore topics in great depth.  Gain access to on-demand webinars as part of a Learning Hub Subscription or purchase webinars individually online.

Other resources

We’re always creating new resources to meet your needs. Try our ‘Thinking together’ series, designed especially for group learning. We also provide a number of free resources, as well as specialised resources developed by ECA, partner organisations, and resources by third parties.

Live Wires

Now a part of the ECA Learning Hub, Live Wires brings together information and resources about young children and technology. With Live Wires find healthy ways to use digital media tools in early childhood. Hear researcher, educator and family perspectives as well as the voice of children.