Access, participation and positive outcomes: Inclusion in early childhood

Access, participation and positive outcomes: Inclusion in early childhood is a free resource for educators at every stage in their career. The collection will grow over the coming weeks and months, and will include a:

  • collection of online self-paced professional learning courses
  • series of short animations in accessible language
  • 12-episode podcast series
  • set of downloadable e-books with practical approaches to supporting children’s development

The resource is a curated collection of innovative online professional learning resources to support inclusive practices in early childhood education and care settings. This collection of free resources aims to support increased knowledge, skills and confidence in the inclusion of children with a diagnosed disability, but also children with other factors that may affect their general wellbeing and engagement in early learning, such as:

  • cultural and linguistic diversity
  • dysregulation and maladaptive behaviours
  • anxiety and trauma
  • children experiencing diminished wellbeing as result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children
  • vulnerable or at-risk children.

Downloadable e-books

Creating and sustaining great relationships is at the heart of social and emotional development. This e-book will guide you to support children to flourish in their social and emotional development through practice examples.

Using our senses provides children and young people with six different ways to learn about the world around them. This e-book provides examples of how you can support and guide children to use their senses.

Language development is the journey we go on as we learn to communicate with those around us. This e-book aims to support your understanding of how to invite early language development through modelling, storytelling and how to create language-rich environments for children to thrive.

Cognitive reasoning is our ability to investigate or make sense of ideas, thoughts and information around us. Exploring creative, critical and playful thinking, you will be supported to understand how to help cognitive reasoning thrive in the children we play alongside.

Online professional learning


Introducing inclusion: Looking at diversity and adversity through an inclusive framework

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Big life events: Impacts on children, families and communities

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Fostering trusting relationships to support children with anxiety

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Every child has a right to be included

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Creating a community of support for children and families experiencing vulnerability

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ECA Podcast

Series 2 in the ECA Podcast has been tailored to strengthen the way early childhood educators understand different aspects of inclusion. Australia is rich with diverse families and children that make up our society. Educators play a critical role in supporting those who have historically been seen as less than able or not as capable due to their differences.  

This podcast series focuses on inclusion for children and families with diverse needs in education and care settings. New episodes will be available weekly. 

Join podcast co-hosts Janet Williams-Smith and Shae Haylen, with special guests, as they draw on experiences and professional perspectives on some of the key obstacles educators face around embedding inclusion in the early childhood education and care sector. 

The ECA podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Cast and anywhere you listen to podcasts.  

Download the ECA Podcast today and share this valuable resource with your networks.

ECA Statements

A core function of Early Childhood Australia is to develop policies on early childhood education and care and advocate for the rights of children. This is achieved through the development of submissions and statements, including consultation with our membership, the early childhood sector and related organisations.

The following statements may be of interest to anyone seeking to understand more about inclusion in early childhood education and care.

Statement on the inclusion of children in early childhood education and care

Working Together to Ensure Equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in the Early Years

Click here to learn more about ECA’s policy and advocacy work.