15 August 2016

Bulletin 15 August 2016

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15 August 2016

We’re getting so excited for spring at the ECA National Office; we’re thinking about all the wonderful outdoors-y things we’ll be able to do again, and we sure you are too. Though winter is still a good time for outdoor play, the arrival of spring gives us more options and is also a great time to re-evaluate your learning spaces, QIP and professional development needs.

Luckily we can help you with all of this. Read on for all the details.

Webinar: the Great Outdoors

As Australians, we tend to think of ourselves as an “outdoors” culture. But do we really make the best use of our outdoor spaces? How can we provide spaces that invite genuine, meaningful learning for children – not just a space for physical play, but one for inquiry, curiosity and exploration as well? This webinar, presented by Luke Touhill will help to show you how.

To learn more about the Great Outdoors, click here.

Developing and maintaining a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

One of our most popular modules, we help you create a useful and accurate Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Our presenter, Luke Touhill, presents advice and examples on how a QIP can support your service to assess current performance, recognise what they do well, and plan effectively for the future.

This module can be purchased individually through our Learning Hub website, or find it in your Learning Hub Annual Subscription.

Twice the fun: follow-ups for popular modules

You may have noticed recently that we’ve been releasing follow-ups of popular modules.

Last month, we released, Supporting children’s self-regulation: birth to three years, which was a follow-up from our 2015 module, Supporting children’s self-regulation: ages 3-5. Both modules look at supporting and developing self-regulation in young children, a skill which is important at all ages.

We’ve also split our Reconciliation in action module into two parts. Because of the large content matter, we developed part one to look at educator’s knowledge of Australia’s Indigenous history and contemporary society, and experiences of reconciliation. Then, part two extends upon this knowledge and supports educators who teach about Indigenous culture and reconciliation with children.

In September, we’re excited be releasing Environments for learning: indoor learning spaces by Luke Touhill, a module all about developing thoughtful and multi-faceted indoor learning spaces for children. This great module is perfect on its own or after completing Siobhan Hannan’s module Outdoor Learning as a whole-centre approach to re-evaluating learning spaces.

Using the Learning Hub

We recently added all new resources to the Learning Hub website about how to best use the ECA Learning Hub.

If you’ve never used our modules before, or simply want to know what they look like and how they work, we’ve developed a short two-minute video that will explain how our module, Reconciliation in action part one, works. Click here to watch the video.

Do you want to attend a live webinar? Or are you thinking of purchasing a recorded webinar? We’ve also added a webinar participant guide to our website which outlines all the system requirements and information about how our webinars work. If you’re interested in attending a live webinar, we include information of upcoming live webinars in our emails or on our Learning Hub website.

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