Customised professional learning and consultancy

Early Childhood Australia is a leader in providing professional learning and we understand that each early childhood setting has unique professional learning and quality improvement needs. That’s why we have launched customised professional learning and consultancy.

We can customise a professional learning and consultancy program to suit your particular learning and support needs. Whether you’re looking for a face-to-face workshop with one of our many sector experts; mentoring and coaching; online and printed professional learning bundles to support your whole team; or perhaps a combination of these approaches, ECA can work with you to customise a program that is designed to build capacity and support your quality improvement goals.

Professional learning and consultancy options could include:

  • face-to-face workshops
  • keynote speakers
  • research and evaluation
  • online professional learning bundle
  • in-person or online-facilitated communities of practice
  • in-person or online mentoring or coaching
  • consultancy
  • strategic planning

Did you know we can offer support in designing a solution to your unique learning needs?

Not all professional learning needs or learning preferences are the same; this is why we aspire to be a collaborator in assessing, designing and planning your professional learning.  Our expert professional learning team can work with you and assist in:

  • Establishing your professional learning and quality improvement needs
  • Setting achievable professional learning outcomes and quality improvement goals
  • Designing and planning the learning approach or approaches
  • Evaluating the success of professional learning

We want to support you in designing a professional learning program that is customised to your unique learning preferences and needs.

Interested in learning more about customised professional learning and consultancy with ECA? Would you like to speak with one of ECA’s professional learning experts? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you to discuss your professional learning and consultancy needs.