ECA in Conversation

ECA in Conversation are a series of live webinars available free to members. Each webinar, hosted by an Australian early childhood professional, features a selection of subject matter experts on a range of current topics. Live events allow you to make comments and ask questions, bringing you closer to the content and to the experienced speakers. Engaging in a live webinar will allow you to hear contemporary ideas and thinking and to consider new ways of working with children in early childhood settings.  

Incidents in early childhood settings

Thursday 20 October 2022 4-5pm (AEDT)

With Catharine Hydon, Brooke Rinaldi and Bec Hillson 

Early childhood professionals across the country have an obligation to ensure that children are protected from harm and hazard. Time and energy must be given to understanding common safety risks to children and to planning for the prevention, elimination or management of these.

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Ensuring children’s right to safety in early childhood settings

Wednesday 16 November 2022 4-5pm (AEDT)

With Catharine Hydon and the team from Gowrie Broadmeadows Valley 

All children have a fundamental right to be safe in their early childhood education and care setting. As early childhood professionals, we are well placed to ensure that all children have access to a safe setting that promotes their rights and supports their learning and development.

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Reform: Opportunity for action and advocacy

Tuesday 29 November 2022 4-5pm (AEDT)

With Catharine Hydon and Fay Hadley

It may seem as though the early childhood sector has been the subject of constant reform over the past two decades. And really, it has! From the design of the national curriculum and introduction of the National Quality Framework, to reforms around child care subsidises and kindergarten funding, early childhood professionals may find it hard to keep up with the ever-evolving policy landscape of the sector. While the constant changes do present some challenges, it is important to also view these through a lens of opportunity and advocacy, particularly as we learn more about quality.

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