ECA Community of Practice: Trauma and big behaviours: Responding to children’s needs in a post-pandemic world

Join this online blended learning community. Each learner will be supported in understanding how  the needs of children have been impacted in a post-pandemic world....
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Understanding young children’s behaviour and empowering their future (2-part series)

This series is suitable for all educators currently working in an approved education and care setting across Australia. This is a foundation course that focuses...
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Emotion Coaching: A transformational tool

This webcast discusses effective ways of guiding children with big feelings and behaviours. It explores the five steps of emotion coaching—emotional awareness, connecting, listening, naming...
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An insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder in the early years (2-part series)

Behaviour is a form of communication. Even if a person isn’t saying words, their behaviour and body language can show what they might be thinking...
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