Ethics and the Early Years Learning Framework

“Being ethical involves thinking about everyday actions and decision making, either individually or collectively, and responding with respect to all concerned” (ECA Code of Ethics,...
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Professionalism and identity in early childhood education and care: Who we are and what we do

This webcast explores the idea of professional identity in two ways— who you are and what you do. You will ponder notions of professionalism and...
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Anti-bias approaches in early childhood

In this webcast, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet addresses key critical questions on embedding anti-bias approaches in everyday practice. She talks about what anti-bias approaches are...
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Acting ethically: exploring the ECA code of ethics poster 

Acting Ethically: Exploring the ECA Code of Ethics

Choosing to act ethically is a defining feature of being an early childhood professional. It is the complex process of choosing between many right ways...
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Bullying and Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

This course has been designed to provide managers and supervisors with an understanding about workplace bullying and harassment, and what they can do to prevent...
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Bullying and Harassment for Employees

This course has been designed to provide employees with an understanding about bullying and harassment in the workplace, the type of behaviour that should be...
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