Rediscovering the planning cycle: EYLF (V2.0)

Presented by Rod Soper, this practical course will help you rediscover the Early Years Learning Framework (V2.0) planning cycle and show you how it can...
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Communication in the workplace

This course is only available as part of an ECA Learning Hub subscription. In this course, you will learn how to define communication, the types...
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Initiating a Reconciliation Action Plan: Where do I start?

This course will introduce early childhood professionals to the concept and context of reconciliation in early childhood education within Australia, and where to start when...
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EYLF V2.0 Belonging, Being and Becoming Course picture 

Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework (V2.0)

This professional learning course is designed for anyone working in early childhood settings who want to increase or refresh their understanding of the Early Years Learning...
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Beyond the rainbow: Making a difference for all families

In this course, you will learn about the diversity of families, LGBTQ+ parented families specifically and how diversity is a positive part of Australian society....
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Introduction to the national quality framework for early childhood education and care 

Introduction to the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care

The National Quality Framework sets a benchmark for the quality of education and care services. This course will assist educators who are new to the...
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Ethics and the Early Years Learning Framework

“Being ethical involves thinking about everyday actions and decision making, either individually or collectively, and responding with respect to all concerned” (ECA Code of Ethics,...
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Reconciliation in children’s education and care: Taking the first steps

Exploring reconciliation in early childhood education and care settings can be an extremely powerful way of teaching children about culture and introducing them to concepts...
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ECA Community of Practice: Trauma and big behaviours: Responding to children’s needs in a post-pandemic world

Join this online blended learning community. Each learner will be supported in understanding how  the needs of children have been impacted in a post-pandemic world....
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Environments for learning: Intentional spaces

This course examines the role of the environment in children’s learning and the importance of thoughtful planning and organisation of learning spaces.  It explores the...
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