ECA Community of Practice: Play-based learning in early childhood

The purpose of this Community of Practice is to understand what play and play-based learning are, what this looks like within a curriculum and the...
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ABC Kids: Exploring science content knowledge with Imagine This

This module explores how new media and a podcast by ABC Kids Listen, called Imagine This, can be used by educators to build scientific content knowledge.

Engineering creativity: Celebrating loose parts play for all ages

Engineering creativity in loose parts play’ involves open-ended and easily manipulated materials that children can use to construct, deconstruct and transport, both to support them...
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Playing with gratitude

This webcast examines the science of gratitude and how combining it with the powerful influence of co-play enables positive change in the wellbeing of children...
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A good place to be a child: Creating effective early learning environments

According to architect Christopher Day, a building for small children must be magical and full of reverent wonder, like an ancient fairy tale. The physical...
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The value of play

Play offers children opportunities to engage with the world around them. Being intrinsically motivated and freely chosen, it allows children control over their actions and...
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Play-based learning: Using the Pedagogical Play-framework

Play-based learning is a cornerstone of early childhood education. In recent years, the concept of intentional teaching has also gained momentum. This on-demand webinar discusses...
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Indoor environments: Spaces for children

This course looks at the role of the physical environment in children’s learning and the importance of setting up a well-organised indoor space. It will...
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Maths is everywhere

This module explores how educators can support children’s maths and numeracy learning by weaving mathematical concepts and ideas into day-to-day practice, play and outdoor programs....
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