COMING SOON: My Time, Our Place: Framework for School Age Care (V2.0) (2-part series)

This course is designed for anyone working in services with school age care children who want to learn about or refresh their understanding of the...
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Induction: Setting educators up for success professional learning package

This professional learning package will support educators new to the education and care sector in their induction. This collection of online courses is a carefully...
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Introduction to the national quality framework for early childhood education and care 

Introduction to the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care

The National Quality Framework sets a benchmark for the quality of education and care services. This course will assist educators who are new to the...
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Ethics and the Early Years Learning Framework

“Being ethical involves thinking about everyday actions and decision making, either individually or collectively, and responding with respect to all concerned” (ECA Code of Ethics,...
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Reform: An opportunity for action and advocacy

It may seem as though the early childhood sector has been the subject of constant reform over the past two decades, and really it has!...
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Fostering trusting relationships to support children with anxiety

In the early years of life, many children experience anxiety. There are different reasons as to why this may occur. This course aims to offer...
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Induction essentials: A beginners guide to education and care

Early Childhood Australia has curated a collection of fundamental resources for educators who are new to the sector and are undertaking or yet to commence...
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Being the champion for children who are impacted by trauma and adversity

Children who experience trauma can have their sense of belonging and identity impacted. For some, this impact can be lifelong. It is critical that we...
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Introducing inclusion: Looking at diversity and adversity through an inclusive framework

Every child has the right to both feel included and be included. Educators play a vital role in ensuring that every child is aware of...
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Wellbeing matters: Let your wellbeing thrive!

In this interactive webcast designed for service leaders, Rod Soper discusses the different between ‘listening to hear’ and ‘listening to respond’. He also shares tips and...
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