Creating a community of support for children and families experiencing vulnerability

This course is suitable for all educators currently working in an approved education and care setting across Australia. This is a foundation course that may...
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Every child has a right to be included

This course is aimed to assist educators in developing their understanding of what it means to support Aboriginal children to feel a genuine sense of...
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eSafety Early Years: We WATCH and EXPLORE with technology

This module focuses on how children engage with content in digital contexts. This is the most common way young children engage online, especially at home....
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eSafety Early Years: We SAY and SHARE with technology

Communicating in digital contexts is among the first experiences children have directly using technologies. This module examines the benefits and risks associated with communicating in...
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eSafety Early Years: We MAKE and DO with technology

Fostering creativity is an essential component of early childhood education. This module explores the ways children can create in digital contexts. You will explore practical examples...
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eSafety Early Years: Creating a safe online environment

This module is specifically for Directors and Managers of early learning services throughout Australia. It is designed to enable a review of a service’s online-safety processes...
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Fostering trusting relationships to support children with anxiety

In the early years of life, many children experience anxiety. There are different reasons as to why this may occur. This course aims to offer...
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Big life events: Impacts on children, families and communities

In this course, you will explore a range of big life events that commonly impact children, along with their families and communities, in the early...
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Induction essentials: A beginners guide to education and care

Early Childhood Australia has curated a collection of fundamental resources for educators who are new to the sector and are undertaking or yet to commence...
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Your home, your business (2-part series)

This learning resource aims to enhance the knowledge and confidence of educators in managing their family day care business. It has been developed as a...
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