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Environments for learning: Intentional spaces

This course examines the role of the environment in children’s learning and the importance of thoughtful planning and organisation of learning spaces.  It explores the...
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Putting art in place (2-part series)

Educators often think they’re not ‘arty’ or ‘creative’, but if they focus less on expertise and more on relationships, they can create truly meaningful and...
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STEM inquiry: Co-constructed environments for curious minds

This module is designed to encourage early childhood educators and teachers to engage in inquiry-based, child-led STEM practices. It discusses common notions of STEM and...
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Encountering and interpreting the principles of Reggio Emilia Encounters (4-part series)

Discover and explore the principles of Reggio Emilia in this one-of-a-kind online professional learning package, developed by Early Childhood Australia (ECA) and the Reggio Emilia Australia...
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A good place to be a child: Creating effective early learning environments

According to architect Christopher Day, a building for small children must be magical and full of reverent wonder, like an ancient fairy tale. The physical...
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Indoor environments: Spaces for children

This course looks at the role of the physical environment in children’s learning and the importance of setting up a well-organised indoor space. It will...
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Take me outside: An introduction to outdoor learning

This introductory course is about the importance of outdoor learning in young children’s lives. It will inspire you to create an outdoor learning environment full...
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