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Early Childhood Australia has worked with the Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training, to develop a suite of free Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) resources to support the critical work of the early childhood sector and their communities in providing the best developmental opportunities for children.

Getting started

Guide to using the AEDC

Linking the AEDC with the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework

Information about the strong links between the AEDC, the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework:


Using the five domains

Read about each of the five domains measured in the AEDC and use the practical strategies for supporting children’s learning and development:

Physical Health and Wellbeing

Social Competence

Emotional Maturity

Language and Cognitive Skills (School-based)

Communication skills and General Knowledge


Putting the AEDC into practice

Watch or read about how six Queensland services began using the AEDC and their strategies for responding to local AEDC data:

  • Silky Oaks Child Care Centre – offered professional development for educators in supporting children’s social competence and emotional maturity and collaborated with local schools and services – case study
  • Beenleigh Family Centre Child Care – incorporated language focused initiatives in their programming, and supported families in response to Beenleigh’s identified vulnerabilities – case study
  • C&K Flagstone Community Kindergarten – worked closely with their school community to address the vulnerabilities in communication, language and cognition skills – case study
  • C&K Hatton Vale Community Kindergarten – utilised professional advice and resources to respond to the identified vulnerability of physical health and wellbeing and language and cognitive skills – case study 
  • Eskay Kids Springfield Child Care and Early Education Centre – responded to the AEDC data by emphasising physical activity, health and wellbeing in their programming – case study
  • A Head Start Children’s Centres – utilised the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes in conjunction with the AEDC domains to holistically support children’s learning and development – case study

To access the AEDC resources please visit the Queensland Government’s AEDC resources page.

To access to AEDC data in your community please visit www.aedc.gov.au

The AEDC resources are proudly funded and supported by the Queensland and Australian Governments.