Bullying and Harassment for Employees

By ECA Learning Hub



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ECA Learning Hub
The ECA Learning Hub team is based in Early Childhood Australia's National Office which is located in Canberra, Australia. Our small team develops professional development resources for educators and other professionals working with young children from birth to eight.


This course has been designed to provide employees with an understanding about bullying and harassment in the workplace, the type of behaviour that should be avoided and what employees can do if bullying or harassment is occurring in their workplace.

The course features:

  • Adaptics – e3’s unique approach to refresher training
  • professional audio
  • animation and interactivity
  • WCAG 2.0 accessibility
  • mobile compatibility
  • formative assessments, and
  • a certificate of completion.

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • the effects of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • the types of behaviour that are considered bullying and harassment
  • how to identify bullying and harassment
  • your responsibilities, and
  • what to do if you or your co-workers are being bullied or harassed

Suitable for early childhood education and care professionals at all stages of their careers.


Duration: 1 hour


This course is being redeveloped, as a result, the current version of this course will decommissioned as of 6th May 2024