Keynote Address – Documentation as a transformative tool for change and for the becoming of democracy


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Re-Imagining Childhood Conference
In 2017, the Re-Imagining Childhood Conference was hosted in Adelaide and featured a number of presentations from individual and services who participated in The South Australian Collaborative Childhood Project (TSACCP).  The project was a state-wide network that has been developed by the South Australian Government to respond to the recommendations provided by former Adelaide Thinker...
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Professor Dahlberg will problemetize current dominant discourses and “truths” by exploring and experimenting with paradigms and theories, concepts and practices not so commonly used within the mainstream discourse. An important inspiration for doing this has been the challenging experience of the municipal preschools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Based in a pedagogy of welcoming, listening and research their way of using pedagogical documentation is a fruitful democratic tool for transformative change.

Three practices of pedagogical documentation will be described:

1) as a practice for challenging the construction of the child, knowledge and learning, and the pedagogical space

2) as a practice for following learning-processes and for formative evaluation

3) as a trans formative force for taking care of vitality, affect and intensity in the event.

At the completion of the presentation, you will have an understanding of

  • Documentation
  • Educational Documentation
  • Educational Research
  • Listening