Doing IT: Practical tech advice for children’s learning and development


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Daniel Donahoo
Daniel Donahoo is the Director of Project Synthesis, an ideas consultancy whose work is driven by play, technology and narrative.


Young children are growing up in a world saturated with new and emerging technologies. What role can early childhood professionals play in supporting children and families to use technology in positive and purposeful ways?

Author, researcher and play designer, Daniel Donahoo presents a compelling, story-driven address that aims to have us thinking critically and purposefully about the role of technology in the lives of young children.

Daniel will present the history of our thinking around screen time, unpack the challenges of the increasing presence of technology and media in our children’s lives; and ask what we can do as early childhood professionals to best support children and their parents in this media and technology rich world.

Daniel will speak to practical examples of his work on technology projects in early childhood, supporting services to consider how they use and integrate technology in their early learning environments and provide the audience with new ideas to consider, new approaches to try and a sense of what is possible.

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