ECA Leadership Program

Presented by Dr Leanne Gibbs


Subscription The ECA Leadership Program is not available as a part of an ECA Learning Hub Annual Subscription, but can be added for an additional fee.


Dr Leanne Gibbs
Dr Leanne Gibbs has worked in the early childhood education (ECE) and community sector for over 35 years and is Senior Manager with Early Start at the University of Wollongong. She has a PhD in ECE leadership, along with qualifications in education, public policy, politics, leadership and management.


The ECA Leadership Program, revised in 2021, is a renowned program for educational leaders, teachers in leadership roles and aspiring leaders. Founded on solid expert research and five years of sector consultation, this essential leadership framework has been designed by early childhood experts and quality assured by early childhood practising leaders. Our Leadership Program was specifically created as a strengths-based, self-directed, short-term program for both current and aspiring early childhood leaders in diverse settings.

This program includes access to:

  • twelve online professional learning modules and webinars
  • the ECA Leadership Program folder containing the hardcopy Leadership Capability Framework
  • a ‘how-to’ guide with suggestions on how to make the most of the Framework
  • online forum where you can connect with others who are completing the program
  • the opportunity to develop your own Personalised Professional Learning Plan relevant to your individual work environment and development priorities
  • respected leaders within the sector who can provide tailored feedback (optional) on your Personalised Professional Learning Plan
  • an ECA Leadership Program completion certificate.

ECA’s Leadership Capability Framework is the foundation of the program. The Framework establishes a vision for leadership that can be applied to leadership at all levels and in all contexts within early year settings. 



Category Price
Non-Member $649 (Purchase here)
ECA Member $552 (Purchase here)
ECA Learning Hub Subscriber $585 (Contact customer service)


What happens once I purchase the ECA Leadership Program?

  • You will be sent an ECA Leadership Program email from ECA within 48 hours of your purchase. This email will provide you with your online access through the Learning Hub portal. 
  • With your leadership module online access you can now immediately start the ECA Leadership Program 
  • Your ECA Leadership Program folder will be posted out to you. This folder contains the hardcopy Leadership Capability Framework and ‘how-to’ guide. Please note you will need this folder to guide you through the online modules. 
  • Throughout the program, you will develop your individual Personalised Professional Learning Plan. You also have the option for mentor feedback on your Personalised Professional Learning Plan by a sector leader. 
  • You will receive a certificate of completion when you have completed all compulsory components of the program (online learning modules and webinars). 


The program can be completed part-time, within three months. However, you will have access to the program for 12 months, in case you require or prefer a longer timeline. The program timeframe will depend on your availability and how involved you become; for example, if you choose to engage with any additional resources this may increase your ECA Leadership Program timeframe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did ECA develop this Leadership Program?

ECA consistently runs surveys and talks to the early learning and care sector. Sector feedback included a clear request for a detailed leadership resource specifically designed for busy, well-established and also aspiring managers. ECA acknowledges that many of our leaders often ‘land’ in leadership or managerial roles and learn on the job. This Leadership Program will help to cement the foundations of best-practice leadership including a shared vision and language among teams. 

I am already a well-established leader, why would I undertake this Leadership Program?

The ECA Leadership Program provides the sector’s first best-practice leadership capability framework that all leaders should ideally be adhering to. No leader, regardless of how experienced they are, ever stops learning. Improving your own performance provides great satisfaction not only for yourself, but it also directly benefits your work teams and ultimately the children in your care. This program will provide you with additional skills to guide your team managers by providing a shared vision, framework and understanding. For example, it will help to set a collaborative working team tone, help you manage staff transitions—especially during staff turnover—and also, importantly, allow you to get the best from your team members. 

What platform should I use to access online learning content?

If you are using a computer, laptop or tablet, we recommend accessing program contents (including modules and webinars) using Chrome (for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users) as your Internet browser. The program is available through the ECA Learning Hub portal. 

How do I request feedback on my Personalised Professional Learning Plan?

It is completely optional to request sector mentor feedback on your Personalised Professional Learning Plan. The ECA mentor provides you with suggested feedback and is 100 per cent confidential, focusing on building leader skills, as well as being supportive and encouraging. We recognise that being a leader in our sector can be quite an isolating experience and we want to provide you with quality resources to help you reach your potential. You can request feedback on you plan by emailing LearningHub@earlychildhood.org.au 

Can I share the ECA Leadership Program with my colleagues?

The ECA Leadership Program is for one person to undertake, however bulk purchasing is available and there are many benefits to undertaking the program at the same time as others. 

How do I purchase bulk ECA Leadership Programs?

A bulk purchase is buying five or more programs in one transaction. You can bulk purchase up to ten programs via the ECA Shop. Please call or email the ECA Customer Service Team during business hours on 1800 356 900 (free call in Australia), or email leadership@earlychildhood.org.au to bulk purchase more than ten. Bulk purchases attract discounts. 

Can I use the ECA Leadership Program towards my professional development hours?

Yes, in many States and Territories you are able to use the ECA Leadership Program towards self-identified professional development, check with the teacher registration board/body in your State or Territory. The ECA Leadership Program has been mapped to the National Quality Framework and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 

Can I purchase the program from overseas?

Yes, however the ECA Leadership Program has been developed for the Australian context and if you wish to purchase the program, additional postage charges will apply for both the folder and the certificate. The program has also been designed for individual use and one completion certificate will be issued. 

I am having trouble accessing the leadership course online

Please contact leadership@earlychildhood.org.au specifying your question/problem and best contact details. 

My ECA Leadership Program folder hasn’t arrived

Please contact leadership@earlychildhood.org.au with your question and best contact details. A member of the ECA Customer Service Team will chase up your order and return your email within three–five business days. 

I want information about my ECA Leadership Program tax invoice/payment

When will I receive my certificate of completion?

Early Childhood Australia prints certificates quarterly and will supply you with a hardcopy ECA Leadership Program certificate in that timeframe.  


ECA Leadership Resources Bundle

Invest in yourself or your future leaders with the ECA Leadership program and new ECA Box of Leadership Provocations bundle. Both resources are built upon ECA’s Leadership Capability Framework; leaders will realise the maximum benefit of the program if they use the two resources together.