The planning cycle: Rediscovered


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3Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning


Rod Soper
Rod Soper is the Director of Education for Thinkers.inq and has more than twenty years in the fields of education and leadership design. Rod’s expertise in the fields of education and leadership includes research into ontological and interpersonal development, critical thinking, pedagogy and transformational learning environments, educational change and leadership. He has led numerous research...
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Rod Soper presents this inspiring rediscovery of the Planning Cycle and challenges us to consider how we can use the Planning Cycle to reinvigorate not only our thinking, but how we approach children’s learning and development. The webinar also addresses common misconceptions and mistakes we make when using the planning cycle improperly, and how we can foster strong analytical thinking skills within teams.

This practical webinar looks at the Early Years Learning Framework and the Planning Cycle, and is suitable for educators at all stages of their careers.

Please allow this time to view this session in one sitting as your progress through the webinar cannot be saved.

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