Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings


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Dr Kaylene Henderson
Dr Kaylene Henderson is a medically trained Child Psychiatrist and trusted professional development provider for the ECEC sector.


One of the biggest challenges faced by those working in early childhood education and care services is managing the behaviour and emotions of young children.

Dr Kaylene Henderson’s acclaimed online professional development course series, Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings, is a researched-based three course series which is a practical, flexible delivered course series, made up of 10 self paced modules.

The Raising Good Kids online course series for early childhood professionals links with the

  • National Quality Standards (NQS) Quality Areas 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Australian Teachers Professional Standards 1, 3, 4 and 6
  • Early Childhood Qualifications: Certificate III (Mapped to 2 units: CHCECE006 & CHCECE007) and Diploma (Mapped to 2 units: CHCECE020 & CHCECE007)

All registered course participants will receive a final certificate for each course completed which can be used for professional development purposes.

This online early childhood professional development course series has been developed specifically for childcare and education professionals. Available to students, professionals, centres and larger organisations, the course content also links with the National Quality Standards, the EYLF and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. It has also been mapped to both the Certicate III and Diploma early childhood qualifications.

Topics covered in these courses include

  • Understanding differences in temperament
  • Teaching children how to share and take turns
  • Centre-based activities to promote positive social behaviours
  • Managing children’s emotions and meltdowns
  • Promoting the development of empathy in infants and young children
  • Understanding and managing children’s misbehaviour
  • Creating a culture of teamwork among children
  • Research based, effective approach to discipline
  • Teaching infants and young children to identify and express their feelings
  • Supporting children with separation anxiety

Each course in the series will take approximately 90 -120 minutes to complete. You can stop and start as often as you need to while completing your course.

When you register for this course series, you will also learn how you can improve young children’s self esteem, school readiness, resilience and relationships with others. The benefits of this fantastic, affordable course series will be felt by your service and by the families with whom you work for years to come.

As you will discover, having a consistent, research-based approach to assisting with emotions and guiding behaviour benefits children and professionals alike.

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