Settling Multiple Children in ECEC Settings


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National Quality Standard
QA2Children’s health and safety
QA3Physical environment
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
7Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


Cindy Davenport
Cindy registered midwife and is passionate about the health and wellbeing of families and offers a response-based approach to help babies and children with sleep problems.


The need for sleep and rest varies as children develop and grow, and in many cases, an early childhood setting is very different to the home sleep environment. This can cause restlessness and difficulty sleeping for children of all ages.

This webinar examines practical safe sleeping strategies for settling multiple children in Early Childhood Education and Care settings. It will examine many methods of settling groups of babies or children, as well as ways to discuss and work collaboratively with parents and caregivers to support a child in sleep.

This webinar will assist you to:

  • Develop skills and strategies to help settle multiple children
  • Ensure that babies and children sleep safely while meeting quality standards as set out by ACECQA
  • Discuss best practice and  policies as they relate to sleep and rest
  • Enhance your ability to offer sleeping experiences that are appropriate to your ECEC environment.

This webinar runs for 60 minutes. Please allow this time to view this session as your progress through the webinar cannot be saved.

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