The Great Outdoors


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National Quality Standard
QA1Educational program and practice
QA2Children’s health and safety
QA3Physical environment
QA5Relationships with children
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
1Know students and how they learn
2Know the content and how to teach it
3Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
4Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments


Dr Luke Touhill
Luke Touhill has worked in early childhood education for over twenty years – as a teacher, director, manager, trainer and lecturer.


As Australians, we tend to think of ourselves as an “outdoors” culture. But do we really make the best use of our outdoor spaces? How can we provide spaces that invite genuine, meaningful learning for children – not just a space for physical play, but one for inquiry, curiosity and exploration as well. This webinar will help to show you how.

Children learn differently when they are outdoors. In fact, for many children, outdoors is where they learn best. As educators it is easy to prioritise indoor time. It is usually easier to manage, to supervise, to direct – and we often feel more in control of the learning that happens there. Indoor learning is certainly important. But so is the learning that happens outside. In this webinar we will look at the benefits of outdoor play for all children, and talk about how we can prioritise outdoor play and make best use of the outdoor spaces that we have to promote effective and meaningful learning.

This webinar covers:

  • The importance of outdoor play and learning for children
  • Ideas and strategies to make best use of your outdoor space

You will also receive the slides from this presentation and a list of resources referenced throughout the webinar.