The Inclusion Series: Meaningful Participation in ECEC



National Quality Standard
QA1Educational program and practice
QA2Children’s health and safety
QA3Physical environment
QA4Staffing arrangements
QA5Relationships with children
QA6Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
1Know students and how they learn
2Know the content and how to teach it
3Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
4Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
7Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith has many years of teaching experience in ECEC settings, early childhood intervention, special education consultancy and inclusion support.


The goal of inclusion for all children underpins the Early Years Learning Framework. But what does inclusion really mean? This webinar will provide an introduction to the principles of supporting inclusion and suggest practical strategies for supporting children’s inclusion as part of your everyday practice.

All children have the right to be included in an ECEC service. But what does inclusion really mean, and what types of support can you provide to help ensure that every child participates in a meaningful way? Join Margaret Smith for discussion and practical examples around:

  • the differences between inclusion and integration
  • making necessary adaptations to support all children’s meaningful participation
  • enhancing the experiences of ECEC for all children through: inclusive group and meal times; developing functional  and social play skills; and supporting children to make routine transitions.