As of the 9th November 2021 the ECA Learning Hub is transitioning to a new Learning Management System.

If you are an ECA Learning Hub subscriber, your organisation or admin will be contacted with a custom transition date.  You will receive an email outlining your transition, including critical information.  All learners will be transitioned to the new system by 30th December 2021.

The current system is referred to as ‘Current’ via the URL.  Click here to access the current portal.

The new system is referred to as ‘New’.  Click here to access the new portal (only progress to the new portal if you have been advised of your transition).

Please note, there is an overlap period where two portals will be live, while we transition learners from the current system to the new system.

If you are a current ECA Subscriber but have purchased an individual course after the 8th November, you may be accessing courses across the two systems.

Please reach out to the ECA Customer Service team if you have any questions.

The current system will close on 30th December 2021.