Professional learning partnership with Claire Warden

Early Childhood Australia is thrilled to announce a partnership with Claire Warden and the upcoming release of professional online learning modules developed by Claire Warden for the Australian context.

Each module aims to inspire, ignite and challenge perceptions of learning with children, integrating Claire’s professional philosophy of nature pedagogy with the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard.

Introduction to Nature Pedagogy

  1. Introduction to Nature Pedagogy (Coming soon)
  2. Earth: Leaves
  3. Fire: Light and Shadow
  4. Water: Drips, Drops and Dribbles
  5. Air: Wind
  6. Nature Pedagogy: Benefit Risk Management
  7. Earth: Rocks, Stones and Pebbles
  8. Fire: Charcoal
  9. Water: Puddles
  10. Earth: Mud kitchens, café’s and construction

Participatory Planning - The Floorbooks® approach

This professional learning package has been developed by Claire Warden and ECA in partnership. It includes four modules:

  1. Introduction to the Floorbooks® Approach
  2. Introduction to Talking Tubs™ and Mind Mapping
  3. Moving forward with Floorbooks
  4. Moving forward with Talking Tubs and Mind Mapping

Available now

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About Claire Warden

Claire Warden is a world leading educational consultant with an international reputation for pioneering work in education. Claire’s passion is to enhance and nurture children’s connection to the natural world, developing their learning with nature inside, outside and beyond. Claire’s Talking and Thinking Floorbook Approach is now used across the world with children from birth upwards, for everything from consulting children on aspects of their learning, to developing higher order thinking skills.