Dr Red Ruby Scarlet

Anti-Bias approaches in early childhood

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet


Dr Red Ruby Scarlet is an activist, artist, early childhood teacher-researcher, consultant and academic. She has been working in the early childhood sector for more than 25 years and is dedicated to creating imaginative and inclusive practices that promote dignity and integrity in early childhood. Red has developed curriculum and learning frameworks nationally and internationally. Her published works highlight stories of the numerous research projects she has led and contributed to across the world.

Red is currently the Creative Director of MultiVerse, an organisation that focuses on creating professional development and resourcing for early childhood—topics include arts, anti-bias approaches, inclusive pedagogies and curriculum.

Red also teaches part-time at Clovelly Children’s Centre in Sydney, NSW. She plays a leadership role in the Social Justice in Early Childhood group and is the founder of the Social Justice in Early Childhood Foundation.

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