Sarah Louise Gandolfo

Sarah Louise Gandolfo


Sarah Louise Gandolfo is a Melbourne-based early childhood teacher and mum of two. She has worked in the early childhood sector for almost 20 years and is currently working towards a Master of Educational Leadership degree. She is a loud and passionate advocate for children’s rights, social justice and ethical leadership.


Sarah Louise is presently employed as an Associate at Semann & Slattery. Her day-to-day work involves coaching, mentoring and supporting early childhood professionals across Victoria in high-quality leadership and pedagogy. She brings to her work a strengths-based focus that values and encourages a kind and courageous approach to people management. Sarah Louise is also co-convenor of the Anti-Bias Special Interest Group at the ECA Victoria Branch. In this role she joins early childhood professionals across the country to discuss and reflect on the social justice and anti-bias issues affecting the sector.


The highlights of Sarah Louise’s career include: presenting her research and practice at early childhood conferences across Australia; being part of the organising team that launched ECA Victoria Branch’s Anti-Bias Approach; being a finalist for the Outstanding Leadership Awards (Future Leader category); and winning the ACEL ‘New Voice’ in Early Education and Care scholarship.

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