Annual Subscriptions

What is an ECA Learning Hub Subscription?

A subscription to the ECA Learning Hub gains learner access to the catalogue of online courses which includes over 50 modules, recorded webinars and interactive webcasts across a breadth of topics ranging from WH&S, to pedagogy and programming, to leadership. 

How does the ECA Learning Hub work?

The ECA Learning Hub is designed for individual users to progress through online courses at their own pace. Once signed up, individual users sign in to the Learning Management System (LMS) via the portal using their unique email and password.

Each person is referred to as a ‘user’ on the LMS.

How can I access professional learning on the ECA Learning Hub?

Purchase options are available that can suit a variety of needs: annual subscriptions offer access to all ECA-produced content within the online library, or modules and webinars can be purchased individually or through professional learning packages. Users can also access Learning Hub content through our Learning Management System (LMS), or through their own LMS platform.

What is the access period for a subscription?

Subscriptions can be purchased for 12, 24 or 36 months. During that period, you and your team will have access to the full catalogue of professional learning and you will also gain access to any new courses released during that subscription period.


How much does an ECA Learning Hub Subscription cost?

The cost of a subscription is calculated on the number of users.

Tier Number of users Price per user (non-ECA member) Price (ECA member*)
  Individuals $299  $269
Tier 0 2–10 $159 $143
Tier 01 11–25 $106 $95
Tier 02 26–50 $84


Tier 03 51–100 $75



How to calculate ECA Learning Hub Subscription costs for your organisation:

(Prices are per user per annum, and decrease with a larger number of users.)

Example 1:  if you have 5 users at your service, which is an ECA Member,  your online subscription falls into Tier 0 and would be:  $715 (5 users * $143 per user)

Example 2:  if you have 40 users at your organisation, which is an ECA Member,  your online subscription falls into Tier 2 and would be:  $3,000 (40 users * $75 per user)

For organisations with more than 100 users, please contact us for a quote.  Please contact us to discuss bulk pricing of individual modules or webinars, or tailor-made packages to suit your needs. Subscription access is also available for use with third-party learning management systems.

Contact us today on 1800 356 900 or email learninghub@earlychildhood.org.au

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