Webinars are online seminars. The ECA Learning Hub offers on-demand studio-quality webinars, presented by a range of experts in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. Perfect for group training, each webinar can be watched at a time that suits you. Pause, rewind, make notes and discuss, our interactive platform allows you to take control of your professional development.

When you complete a webinar, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

All on-demand webinars are included as a part of an ECA Learning Hub Annual Subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase webinars individually below.

The ECA Learning Hub also offers recordings of all previously live webinars held between 2014 and 2016. These webinars are offered at a lower price than the on-demand webinars, and are only available for individual purchase through the Learning Hub website.


Anti-Bias approaches in early childhood_Red Ruby Scarlet 

Anti-Bias approaches in early childhood

Price $38.50
In this webinar, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet addresses key critical questions about embedding anti-bias approaches in everyday practice.
Webinar_Lydia Plowman 

Seven myths about young children and digital technology: Where we are in 2017

Price $38.50
Professor Lydia Plowman addresses the myths and the realities of technology usage by young children, both within an early childhood setting and the home. This webinar is a recording of the International Keynote Address from the 2017 Live Wires Forum.
Anne Stonehouse and Michelle Gujer webinar 

Let’s Talk: Creating a culture of learning—places of teaching and learning for everyone

Price $38.50
Anne Stonehouse AM and Michelle Gujer explore the methods in which educators can create a thriving culture of learning within their settings to support good practice and provide best outcomes for children.
Webinar_Spatial reasoning_STEM 

Spatial reasoning and STEM for early years

Price $38.50
Spatial reasoning – the ability to mentally manipulate information about objects and the environment in which we live. Join Dr Kym Simoncini as she takes on spatial learning to the floor of an early childhood education and care service.

Early childhood education for sustainability: Now or never, a time for urgent change

Price $38.50
Sustainability means more than making something last longer; it’s also about regeneration, prosperity and equality. In this webinar, Dr Sue...
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Webinar_Making quality visible 

Making quality visible

Price $38.50
This webinar explores how each service’s unique philosophy and context can develop to a rich and unique approach to quality, drawing on the strengths of the cultural and community context of the centre.
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